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Performance Coaching for the Exceptional.

Most people know the potential they inherently carry, but few will achieve that level of performance.

They don’t know how to unlock it.

My private coaching practice centers on taking you, the high flyer still performing-at-less-than-your-best, to the peak of your performance spectrum.

The most common client I see is at the top of their game but has plateaued, or worse, hit a wall.

It afflicts everyone… from professional athletes to executives and founders running multinational companies.

Whether you’re relied upon to deliver the win… or performance against your growth KPIs… the weight of that responsibility can be crushing.

And performing at anything less than your best compromises everyone around you.

Never Settle.

But there is a way out… not only back to your previous peak, but to surpassing what you previously thought possible

I’ve coached hundreds of clients just like you to get there. 

If you trust me, and the process, you’ll discover you’re capable of much more than what you previously thought possible. 

Private Clients

This is an intensive process, but the results are worth it. 

Each private client receives about 15 hrs of Dr. Gurner's time each month; including process design, in-person meetings, and follow-ups.

What you can expect: 

  • 1:1 access for the duration of our engagement
  • 1 hr/ week meeting (video-based)
  • Bespoke programming tailored to your goals
  • Accountability

Rate: $8,000/ mo

Follow Up

**Exclusive - for Former Clients Only

If you’re a former client that needs accountability, a check-in, or you want to work on a specific one-time issue, a single session is your best bet. 

Rate: $2000/hr

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