Thank you for your interest. I’d love to help you or your team get to the next level.

I work with two groups:

  1. Successful individuals who want to get, or remain, at the top; and
  2. Organizations that want to dominate with effective team performance.

While the scope of what I do is different for the groups, the quality of training and personal investment I have in seeing you to your ultimate success is not. You/ your team will walk away with new perspectives and actionable takeaways. I will stretch and challenge your thought processes. And you/ your team will take massive, intelligent action to achieve your desired results.

Forging the Exceptional

Past Consulting & Workshop Topics

Here is a sample of topics and workshops I’ve conducted within the last year. Feel free to contact me to have something customized to your own organizational needs.

  • How the Ultra-Successful Dominate the Competition, and the Cognitive Path to High Performance.
  • Building an Empire: Avoiding the Psychological Pitfalls of the Herd & Establishing the Habits that Win
  • Reworking Decision-Making for Effective Outcomes & Edge
  • Building Entrepreneurial Fearlessness: Risk, Charm, Influence and Command
  • From Friendtocracy to a Series A and Beyond: How to Scale your Startup’s Culture to Win Without Selling Out
  • Crushing What Holds You Back: Mindset & Maximizing Your Full Potential
  • Understanding Neuroscience to Give Yourself an Edge: Time Use, Brain Optimization, Productivity, and Fueling.

Luis Navia - Director of Innovation & Culture @ Elite Daily

Dr. Julie Gurner has the ability to recognize the key areas of opportunity for improvement and implement the execution to achieve the desire organizational results. I recommend her to anyone looking to optimize their communications and internal culture.

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