360 Evaluations

The 360 Evaluations conducted by Dr. Gurner are bespoke and powerful. It has been called, “The most thorough evaluation I’ve ever had of my leadership.” 

The process is straightforward and an incredibly deep dive. Dr. Gurner will conduct a structured interview of 8-10 individuals - direct reports, skip levels, board members and/or others in your sphere - to get an unflinching examination of your performance. These individuals are selected by you after initial consultation around the process. All individual responses are kept anonymous, and a full report is written and presented to you. A one-hour review meeting is included in the evaluation to review the report and findings personally.

This is not your standard 360 report. This is a doctor of psychology who has worked with leaders of business - interviewing others, asking follow-up questions, and knowing where to push… on the nuances of how you function in a tactical, strategic, and personal capacity. This is a custom report of hyperspecific content that is typically 5-15 pages (depending on findings) where Dr. Gurner will use quotes, examples, themes, and takeaways for a completely customized and hard-hitting assessment.

This evaluation takes a month to complete and can be used as a stand-alone document for personal use, or a kick-off to coaching services provided by Dr. Gurner or whomever you may choose. This report will chronicle insights that can be put into action immediately to increase your performance on the ground.

Price: $15,000

Price Includes:
  • Initial meeting as to process & procedure (set up for kick-off)
  • Scheduling & Interviews of 8-10 employees or others (approximately one hour each)
  • Any correspondence necessary during the process
  • One-hour review meeting of evaluation outcomes
  • Written report/assessment (yours to keep)

Approximate completion time: One month*

*Note: Please schedule ASAP for yearly performance reviews as these time slots are limited due to demand.

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