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2-3 times a year I’m hired to deliver high energy talks around the country.

Unlike many stock or “motivational” speakers, I pride myself on walking the talk and giving your audience as many actionable takeaways as possible. Some speakers make a name for themselves dropping f-bombs. I drop knowledge.

I’ve addressed audiences from more walks of life than you can imagine; entrepreneurs, graduate students, business people, and even inmates.

Whatever the topic, whoever you are, my goal is to humor, engage, and inform you – and make sure you leave the room a force to be reckoned with.


My typical keynote is a highly interactive 45 minute session on topics rooted in psychology and the brain. I have a wide range of expertise – including learnings from over fifteen years of addressing obstacles and growth with clients, students and inmates, and, of course, a doctorate in psychology.

But the best thing I bring to the table is that I love to teach as much as I love to learn, and there’s nothing I am more passionate about than helping other people become their best selves.


Here is a sample of speeches I’ve given recently. Feel free to contact me to have something customized to your own organizational needs.

  • How Exceptional People Think
  • Accomplish What Matters: 8 Tips Backed by Neuroscience
  • Stress Management (Avoiding or Recovering from Burnout)
  • Where did your Creativity Go? How to Stay Fresh and Dominate Your Game


Currently I accept one speaking or on-site consulting engagement per month. All speaking slots are booked at least 2 months in advance.

Right now I’m accepting inquiries for September 2019 and beyond.

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