The Six Must Have People in your Inner Circle.

Dr. Julie GurnerRelationshipsThe Six Must Have People in your Inner Circle.

The Six Must Have People in your Inner Circle.

While you are making your way to the top, or even just making your way through life, there are certain people that inspire you, sit with you, and just make the journey easier.  Often it’s hard to weed out the important friends from the crowd…especially when you’re busy. Who is going to really be the solid foundation you’re looking for?

Six Important Friends to Hold On To

1. The Rock – The rock is the person you know you can always trust, the person who will always stand by you no matter what, and the person you can rely on to be honest even when the feedback is not going to make you happy. They aren’t demanding of your time, they understand when you’re busy, and they are always there when you need them. They’re healthy, stable, and reliable.

2. The Consigliere – Sure, it’s a term we hear in all the mob movies as the advisor or counselor to the ‘boss.’ But, having a consigliere in your own circle –while not as formal a position, is an important addition. They think things through, see angles you don’t, and are usually well reasoned, quiet, and level-headed. They don’t get riled up, take sides, or have an agenda. They give great advice in a way you can hear it, and always have your best interests at heart.  They help you see and consider things that you wouldn’t on your own.

3. The Genuine Networker – This is the person who seems to know everybody, and everybody seems to know. They have a wide range of friends & associates and often connect people online or in person – throwing parties and gatherings just to have interesting ideas and personal/business connections.  They are well-liked, seem to genuinely love knowing ‘everyone,’ and enjoy making connections…even if they don’t profit or benefit a bit off of making them. They are likely more outgoing than you, and have a way of bringing out your best to others.

4. The Ever Optimist – This is the person that not only has a great perspective and cheers you on, but has a knack of figuring out how to make things work when they seem impossible. Ever optimists aren’t unrealistic, but they push you to make things happen for yourself, and are always propelling you forward. They’re positive, forward thinking, fun, creative, and life just seems to fall in place for them because of it.

5. The Ambitious – Research shows that whether we are talking about fitness or business, we are often influenced by the behavior of friends. Having people in your life who are always striving ahead, and have a vision for their life that they are actively working to create inspire us to stay the course. They’re great to bounce ideas off of, believe in the power of creating your own life, and someone who joins you in your pursuit of greater things. It’s infectious: They dream big, believe in themselves –  and they’re going after it.

6. A Partner that Shares Your Priorities – Of all the people that you surround yourself with, this one choice has the opportunity to make or break you the most. They can affect you emotionally and cognitively for years, and sometimes financially the rest of your life – both in good or bad directions. Take great care in this one – it’s uniquely personal, and because of it’s intimate nature it has the power to both lift you up, or hold you back. Hopefully in this friend you find a bit of all the others, plus something uniquely special. They make you want to be the best version of yourself without having to say a thing.

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  1. Hah! That would be great, if I even had 6 people in my inner circle. At most, I have 3, but really just 2.

    My wife is the rock.
    My friend Joe is the consigliere.
    My biz partner Jeff could be the partner that shares my priorities. We agree on everything so far, lets see if it continues.

    As for the rest, they don’t exist in my life. When I have a full 6 people in my inner circle, I think I’ll throw a party.

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