Success: 5 Things No One Will Tell You.

Dr. Julie GurnerPersonal SuccessSuccess: 5 Things No One Will Tell You.

Success: 5 Things No One Will Tell You.

1. Many Successful People are no Smarter than You Are.

Sure, I have a degree, but you don’t need one to do well in this life. Do you need to learn? Yes, you need to be constantly learning, evolving and growing – but you don’t need a degree to do that in many fields. You don’t need a big degree to be wildly successful. Intelligence, ingenuity, and skill are not determined by what hangs on your wall. I know plenty of people – from App Developers, Affiliate Marketers, Actors and Athletes who are brilliant. The list goes on and on.

2. Success isn’t an ‘Innate Ability’ you are Born With, It’s Hard Work.

People like to think that successful people just were born with great abilities. For most, it was practice and hard work. Look at Bill Gates…he’s been working with computers since he was a child. Hours and hours of time. The same could be said for almost any profession.  You take the time to learn, hone, and perfect a skill better than anyone else. Ask any professional tennis player or golfer. With the exception of savants who can play ridiculously complex music by ear, etc…all the rest of success is just work. That’s it. Put in the time.

3. Luck Is Created.

Truly lucky moments in life are rare – hitting the lottery, being on a reality show, or getting that big break…but all of them require our contribution. We have to ‘buy’ the ticket, audition for a show, or put ourselves out there for opportunity. Luck requires your contribution – no matter how random or large, YOU contribute to it.  You take the chances you need to take, make the investments you need to make, or put yourself out there. It is not random.  You make your own luck.

4. Belief in Your Own Abilities is Crucial.

Not what others think about your abilities, what YOU think. When you have skills, you’re confident in what you can do, and can back it up – you set yourself up for success. You take chances, you feel comfortable putting yourself in front of the right people, and you are not ashamed to talk about what you can do. If you look for validation outside of yourself, you’ll always be working for someone else, and you’ll always be seeking approval rather than seeking the next opportunity.

5. Your “Obsession” is Necessary.

When you are on the road to real success, you have to be a little obsessed with what you do, and it will seem unnatural and even unhealthy to a lot of people…but it’s necessary. Big success doesn’t happen because people are lax, or don’t work. Books will have you believe this is possible. Look at Tim Ferris and the wild success of his book the “Four Hour Work Week,” then look at what the guy actually does – he works all the time! Blogging, writing, appearances, speaking….etc. While you certainly can get to a 4-hour work week eventually with passive income…no one starts off that way. There are countless hours of work on the front end. It’s okay to be obsessed – that’s what makes you rich.

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