Getting What You’re Worth: Four Things that Hold you Back.

Dr. Julie GurnerPersonal SuccessGetting What You’re Worth: Four Things that Hold you Back.

Getting What You’re Worth: Four Things that Hold you Back.

Recently, I’ve had the great joy of watching a couple of people I’ve worked with finally getting the recognition they deserve – landing the big job, scoring a great deal, and taking control of their lives. After spending years being rock stars in low-end jobs (that they were frankly too good for), they are finally getting the breaks and positions they deserve.  But why now? Why not earlier?

The 4 Things that Hold you Back

1. Not Feeling “Good Enough.”

Whether in career, relationships or other areas of life, feeling “not good enough” can hold you back from getting what you want, and ultimately what you deserve. It isn’t even obvious to a lot of people that they feel this way, but it is evident in their actions…

They downplay achievements, don’t go after opportunities, and shy away from things that would propel them forward.  You often find them ‘settling’ and staying in jobs that they are just clearly overqualified for.

A lot of incredibly bright, effective, beautiful people feel not good enough – and there are many variables keeping them attached to this idea. Find someone that can help you resolve this, and you’ll move ahead. It’s the number one reason people stay stuck.

2. Carrying Fear

Look at Your Fear – Yes, look at it.

Is it that you feel you are going to fail? That others will laugh at you? That you won’t measure up? That they won’t like you?

Let me tell you a secret – if you are successful, there will  always be people who will criticize you, and not like you.  It will happen, and it’s their issue. Expect it, let it roll off your back, and feel sorry for them.’ve got better things to do than waste your energy on negativity – move ahead.

3. Difficulty Objectively Evaluating their Abilities

We all see life through a lens- Our lens. We never see our bodies, our skills or our abilities the way that others do, and many will tend to undervalue themselves in all areas. Making money is kind of like dating. When you date someone you think is ‘just good enough’ or take a job that ‘is good enough’ it makes you feel terrible. Don’t you want a person who is attractive, intelligent and someone you’re into? Of course you do. Go out and get it.

4. Listening To The Wrong Voices

There are many reasons that listening to the wrong people can keep you stuck.  Some may simply not understand your ambitions, others might benefit from keeping you in the same place (a boss, for example), some may value security over opportunity (family, for example) and still there are others who simply do not want you to succeed.

Time is too short to be  living a life you’re not content with.

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