Five Simple Ways to Avoid Drama

Five Simple Ways to Avoid Drama

I’ve talked to people from all walks of life, and no matter who you are – housewife, professor, athlete, or well-known figure…you can be a magnet for drama. I’ve had a lot of people say that they simply have no idea why they keep getting into mess after social mess. These dramatic situations actually tend to have a lot of common traits.

While these tips can’t help you avoid all the drama that might come your way, they certainly can help reduce it. Here’s what to do.

How To Avoid Drama

1. Walk Away from Gossip – Sure, the latest gossip on your friends or others in the office can seem really enticing, but participating in the gossip brings you into the loop of dysfunction. If you find yourself in the middle of where gossip is happening, find a reason to walk away, and certainly don’t spread it – you don’t want to be connected with it later.

2. Be Tactful or Don’t Say It – Some say that they are ‘just being honest’ and it gets them in trouble. The truth is, some people don’t want to hear things bluntly or simply need an opinion delivered with kindness. If you can’t be tactful, it’s best not to say anything at all.

3. Don’t Post Anything Anywhere Online unless it could be Public – This is just a good rule of thumb in general. If you are posting things hoping others don’t see them on Facebook – the very person you don’t want to see it, will see it – or hear about it. Trust me on this. Pretend everything you do online is available to everyone…because in many ways, it is.

4. Don’t Play Games – In relationships, and in life – be straightforward and honest. Lying or playing games doesn’t get you anywhere. Not only will you have trouble keeping your own lies straight, but also you may not end up winning the games you play. Drama.

5. Eliminate or Reduce Contact with People who Do Everything Above – Even if you don’t participate behavior that encourages drama yourself, by keeping people in your life that do, you are going to be associated with it. Decide if that’s what you want.


The thing about drama, is that for many people, it can be their lifeblood. It can give a constant sense of  ‘something happening,’ occupy a lot of time and give a lot of attention. If you have a lot of drama in your life, expect that people around you will actively try to get you involved. Realize that not having it might initially seem like a void. That void is simply the absence of chaos…it’s healthy, and if you stay the course and seek healthier social patterns, you’ll find ways of filling it before you know it.




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